Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The New jetBlue Terminal 5 At JFK

As many readers of this blog know, I love the airline jetBlue since day 1 and have awaiting the new Terminal 5 for years.

This past weekend, I had the oppurtunity to check out Terminal 5 as both an arriving and departing passenger.

Arriving, the terminal seemed very nice but I didn't have time to stop and check it out....not what I want to do after getting off a flight.

Departing, however, the terminal was an absolute madhouse, and I had to wait in the security line for 1/2 hour. The whole "fast security lanes" they promote is not correct, because most of the lanes were closed...and talking to a TSA agent, Monday morning is the busiest time. The jetBlue staff also herded us and treated us like cattle when we were lined up.

Terminal 5 is very nice, and has some cool features.......but looking around, it is a complete cheap ripoff of Austin's airport design and features. (Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has a BEAUTIFUL terminal, with much more attention to detail and community) I miss the old terminal 4...I thought the modern new terminal would be cool, but in retrospect, and with exception of the satellite terminal, the old terminal was great and I miss it.