Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update On Austin's New Engine 45

After some digging on the City's website, I found the following information about Austin's New Engine 45 and the two new brush trucks.

This contract is for the purchase two new brush and one new pumper fire trucks
manufactured by Siddons Manufacturing that will be assigned to the Austin Fire
Department. The pumper truck is equipped with a standard foam system, 750 gallon
water tank, 1500 gallon per minute fire pump, and assorted firefighting tools,
hose and equipment. The pumper truck includes a 4-door custom-built crew cab
with a fire pumper body capable of carrying a maximum of six firefighters. The
pumper is capable of pumping water from either a fire hydrant or its own
on-board water tank. The two brush trucks will be built according to National
Wildfire Coordinating Group, Type V specifications and will meet current
National Fire Protection Association standards. These trucks are equipped with a
4x4 crew cab chassis that is capable of seating at least four fire fighters
inside the cab, a 400-gallon water tank with a standard foam pumping system, a
250 gallons per minute pump, tools, hose, and equipment specific to wildland
firefighting. These trucks will be used in various capacities depending on the
size and nature of the fire. One pumper and one brush truck will be assigned to
the new Fire Station 45 serving the Avery area. One brush truck will be assigned
to Fire Station 42 serving the Del Valle area. These are new vehicles to the
City's fire fighting fleet and have an expected use of 15 years before
replacement. These fire trucks are equipped with engines capable of burning
biodiesel (B20) fuel. B20 is a blend of 20% bio-material and 80% petro-diesel.
In line with Austin Climate Protection Program goals, B20 provides an
approximate reduction of 25% of greenhouse gas emissions versus using gasoline,
and an approximate reduction of 5% of greenhouse gas emissions versus using
petro-diesel. The onboard pump engines for the brush trucks also operate on B20.
Siddons Fire Apparatus, Inc is under contract with BuyBoard to supply various
types of fire fighting vehicles statewide as a result of a competitive bidding
process. Utilizing the BuyBoard contract provides for volume discount pricing as
well as the earliest opportunity to get the City’s equipment on order.