Friday, April 24, 2009

My Local Movie Theater Chain And EMS

Here in Austin, we have this AWESOME movie theater chain. Not only do they show the newly released flicks, but they show a bunch of classics, have fun events like quote-alongs, and the best part- you have a table in front of you and they serve you food from a large menu throughout the movie! And the food is great, too!!

Anyways, here's one of the events the recently put on, and of the reason why I LOVE this place and love Austin!:

Austin EMS Benefit tomorrow - Mother Jugs and Speed!
To members of Alamo Drafthouse Fanatics

They risk life and limb to help save ours, but what do we do for
them? The Friends of EMS Foundation supports the heroes and heroines of our
local EMS Department and their continued effort towards public education,
awareness and prevention. We owe them A LOT of respect…and we thought, maybe a
little something to help them out in their efforts including CPR training at
public events!. So come out to this absurdly rare movie-going experience to
laugh and enjoy life and do some good for our EMS friends, because 100% of the
proceeds will go straight into life-saving programs!!!

Two privately owned ambulance companies compete for the city
contract in LA. F+B Ambulance Service has the wildest crew on the block with
Bill Cosby (Mother) in the driver’s seat. Harvey Keitel (Speed) is a cop under
suspicion for peddling drugs to minors for rent money. And Raquel Welch (Jugs)
is the dispatch secretary with secret ambitions and no patience for the boys in
the bunkhouse. Together they are MOTHER, JUGS & SPEED, and they are in no
way indicative of the quality and caliber of our own EMS. But damn, they take
you on one wild ride.

“Seriously folks, please come out and support this show. It’s a
fabulous film and all proceeds benefit the underfunded EMS public training and
safety programs, it’s a great cause!” - Tim League, founder, Alamo Drafthouse

Here's the theaters website: