Monday, July 07, 2008


The "Discovery Home" network has changed it's format, now called "Planet Green". All programing is related to sustainability, and how we can make a smaller impact on our enviroment.

In May 2004, Greensurg, Kansas was struck by an "enhanced" F-5 tornado, one of the largest ever recorded. It wiped out the entire town of 600 people. Homes, schools, Main Street, utilities, everything demolished. Except the Town's resolve.

The town was a typical midwest farming town, struggling to get by before it was wiped out. Living in "FEMville", a village of temporary trailers provided by FEMA, many residents remained with what little they had left and vowed to rebuild Greensburg.

But they took this tragedy and viewed it as a clean slate for the town. They were going to rebuild the entire town. But, it would be "green". With help from international "green" experts, this show will document Greensburg's efforts to become an example to the world that green living is more then just a term.

This 13 episode series, produced by an actor that's using his power to make us more eco-concious, Leonardo DiCaprio, airs Sunday night on Planet Green, formerly Discovery Home. I highly reccomend you tune in, it puts things in check and gives inspiration. From tragedy comes a clean slate, and I'm confident that this series, and this town, will open a lot of minds.