Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hartsdale's New Engine 170

Well, I FINALLY found some photos of the new Engine 170, and it looks AWESOME! I really like the in-cab turnout gear storage, and the high visiblity front bumper. It's clear this engine was thought out and designed with the needs of the way Hartsdale operates. I give props for being able to fit a TON of equipment on it, including a CAFS (props for that) AND keep a low hosebed!!!

Hartsdale, NY Engine 1702007 Spartan Gladiator Extreme Duty/4 Guys Fire Apparatus

Station: Hartsdale Station 1, S. Central Ave & W. Hartsdale Ave ("4 Corners")


(More Photos At That Link)

Congrats to HFD, and best of luck!