Thursday, March 20, 2008

President Bush's Draft Plan

While listening to Sirius Satellite Radio, the "Raw Dog" live stand up comedy channel, I heard a really funny theory by a comedian. I forget his name, I want to say Lewis Black though.

As some may know, I feel "President" Bush and other political leaders are making the gap between the poor and rich bigger every day. Soon, they're won't be a middle class, IMO.

Anyways, with the 5th Anniversary of the War In Iraq, some group is always floating the "Draft!" scare tatic around.

As this comedian noted, it's in President Bush's plan to make a gap between the rich and the poor.....that way, the Army can advertise ""Need three square meals a day and a bed to sleep in, JOIN THE ARMY!!" No need for a draft when you have desperate poor people!

I thought that was a pretty funny observation-credit to the comedian who came up with that.