Thursday, March 20, 2008

Banks Charge You More To Be Poor!

I think banks take advantage of the poor, and reward the rich.

Here's why.

When you overdraft because you don't have sufficient funds, they bang you with these ridiculous fees that are sometimes significantly higher then the overdraft was. You're already in a hole, and they're making it even harder for you to get out! Or, if your account falls below a certain limit, they charge your for that as well! They call you, or email you, and say that they're "concerned" about your "lack of funds", and that your account is in jeporady of being closed. YEAH, you're not the only one whose concerned about my "Lack Of Funds". Ugh!

And credit card companies- charge you higher APR's because your credit score is lower?

However, if you're rich, banks practically GIVE you more money. They reward you with points, lower interest rates, etc.

It's just not right. This is another reason why the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer.