Sunday, October 02, 2011

24 Hours In The ER On BBC America

For anyone luck enough to recieve BBC America,then you'll know all the awesome programming on there. My favorite is BBC News America, which is probaly the most objective, informative, and no-agenda newscast nowadays.

Anyways, there is a 14 episode dcoumentary series on BBC America called "24 Hours In The ER". Basically, for those that remember it, it's like "Trauma, Life in the ER", but this one takes place at one of the busiest ER's in London, at Kings College Hospital.

It was filmed 24 hours a day over 30 days with 70 strategically placed cameras.

It's quite fascinating to see the differences between the UK and US, and the similarities. It's also very interesting to hear the insight of the staff.

Check your local listings.