Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ardsley losing Sunnydale Farms, Village Cafe

VERY sad! Sunnydale Farms, the Lunchonette, and Yogi's businesses played a tremendous role in my famly's lives for many years. Growing up, my family would eat in the lunchonette multiple times a week. Their newstand was awesome. My grandmother was part of the "regulars" there who ate there almost every day, and played numerous scratch off tickets.. And we all patronized Sunnydale for a variety of items.We knew everyone who worked there, and they showed genuine concern for my family. You would always run into someone else from Ardsley you knew. Another piece of  the"old Ardsley", that reflected it's former blue collar, working class village, is now history for a useless bank and resturant that serve wealthy inhabinants that have no idea how great Ardsley used to be.
ARDSLEY — When a major power outage hit the Northeast in 2003, business partners Jogi and Nirmal Singh turned on their generator and welcomed people into Sunnydale Farms, the convenience store they opened in 1973.
Nirmal Singh, who lives in Hartsdale, said he remembers customers coming into the store — the only business with power in the area — and putting their food in the store's massive walk-in cooler. Shoppers used flashlights to help look for canned goods and bread.

Next door to Sunnydale Farms is the Village Café, a retro luncheonette with counter seating and red leather booths. The Singhs acquired this business in the 1970s.