Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My New Uniden HomePatrol HP-1 And Car Mount

I had to sell my Uniden BCD 396T I got as a gift several years ago because it was too complicated for me and so were the digital systems....this brings back the fun of scanning...very easy and quick to use while on the road. I was waiting for the second generation HomePatrol but doesn't look like there is going to be one anytime soon.

So, with the proceeds from the BCD396T sale, I finally got a Uniden Home Patrol HP-1. This is how I mounted it in my car (2008 Ford Focus)..wanted easy accesiblity that I don't have to take my eyes off the road to look at. And, since I drive stick, it had to be out of the way of my armrest and shifter.

This is on a RAM mount flex arm that bolts to the seat bolt. This is the item and where I purchased it from:


And you need the mobile cradle which screws on to the ball/swivel mount. Very easy to remove from cradle and take to your desk: