Monday, February 21, 2011

Census: Residents leaving high-cost Westchester region

Census: Residents leaving high-cost Westchester region

By Tim Henderson • The Journal New  February 21, 2011

Seth Granville left his Lower Hudson Valley hometown in 2008 and hasn't looked back.
The price of his co-op in Hartsdale, about $250,000, bought a custom-built home in the suburbs of Austin, Texas.

"I'm never coming back," said Granville, 31, a paramedic and an Ardsley native. In fact, his mother has since moved down, and his wife, Kristen, is from Yorktown Heights.

He misses the commuter train, but not the $12,000 annual tax bill for his small apartment.

"My taxes are cheap, food is much more affordable and we've got basically all the things a big city has in a small city," Granville said.

"They can tell I'm from New York by my accent," Granville said. "But now my daughter (Madeleine, born in August) and my dog are both native Texans."