Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rockstar Uproar Tour Houston

Catching up on many blog posts I'm behind on.

A few weeks ago, I attended the Rockstar Uproar Tour at the Cynthia Mitchell Woods Pavilion in Houston, TX. Headlining were Halestorm, Stone Sour, Avenged Sevenfold, and Disturbed.

This festival was very well put together, and the venue was in a very beautiful setting. It was an outdoor ampitheater. I sat two rows behind mid-left stage, under a cover. There was no mosh pit, only the "lawn" in the back.

First up was Halestorm. Pretty good band live.

Stone Sour was next, and only given a half hour to perform. Corey Taylor and Stone Sour are awesome, always tour with Disturbed, and wish they had gotten more time. Hope they headline a tour that comes this way.

Avenged Sevenfold took the stage next. I never really liked or listened to Avenged Sevenfold before. In fact, I kind of ignored their performance, anxious to see the next act, Disturbed. However, A7X has grown on me, and now I love their album. I really wish I had enjoyed their live performance more. There set was AMAZING, and the pyrotechnics unreal. I felt like my eyebrows were going to singe off. "Welcome To The Family"

And finally my favorite band, Disturbed. What was Disturbing was how disapointed I was with them. I love Disturbed, they always put on a great show and David always engages the audience. However, this time was different. I had hoped it wouldn't be like the show in Belton, TX a few years back. It wasn't. It was worse. David's voice is shot, and you can tell. He also seems to hate touring, and it is taking it's toll on him. They played a lot of medeleys, blending several songs into one. I really wanted to hear a few complete songs, and some more from the new album. Between each song there is a 30 second pause. David did nothing to engage the crowd, and didn't give any inspiring speeches like he usually does. I must say though, the lyrics to their new album are amazing and poweful. I've heard he's moving here to Austin, so maybe I'll see him in a better setting with songs that are better for his vocal cords. And they are still my favorite band, I just hope the record companies don't force Disturbed into touring until they fall apart.