Monday, July 26, 2010

David Draiman Of "Disturbed" now lives in Austin!

My favorite vocalist from my favorite band, David Draiman from Disturbed, has moved here to Austin, TX, according to several sources. The Chicago native, who was born in Brooklyn NY,  has said in interviews that he is tired of touring, tired of the Chicago winters, and loves many things about Austin. He cited many reasons for moving here, besides it being the "Live Music Capitol Of The World", the city's friendly, laid back, and unique culture, the nice climate, numerous outdoor activities and scenic beauty, etc.

I'm sure I will see him around, it's a small city. I've heard that he's been seen enjoying the city but also enjoying the respect Austin residents give the many celebrities who call Austin home. Hopefully, he will consider performing in Austin or pop up and do a suprise show like many other famous musicians and bands do. I know he will love life in Austin.

.I'm going to see him in Houston at the Rockstar Uproar Music Festival in October. Can't wait!