Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Experience Visiting O'Hare Towing Chicago IL

I just got back from Chicago, what an awesome city! I was truly impressed by the O'Hare operation, and am very grateful for the hospitality of everyone there.
What impressed me the most was how friendly and down to earth EVERYONE employed at O'Hare is- truly not like a typical tow company! It also seems like everyone at O'Hare is truly dedicated to the company and the job. Also, at some point, you could tell everyone really loves Marci and Bill-seems even though they are bosses that the employees are one big family and truly have respect for their bosses. Out of a lot of different operations I have visited, I've never really seen anything like it.
Another thing that impressed me- even though the trucks are well maintained- is that you can tell the trucks earn their living and even though they are beautiful they are primarily functional and very well designed for the tasks they need to do.
I'd like to thanks Jane and everyone else that I met for showing me around and helping me to get some really nice photos despite the not-so-nice weather. What a great experience and I wish I had some more time to spend there.
Another thanks is for all O'Hare does for the towing industry that goes beyond "Wrecked", and I can now visualize how dangerous and tricky being a tow operator in Chicago can be- and O'Hare really is the best at it.

Here are some photos from my visit: