Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Washington DC Holocaust Museum Shooting 6-10-09-My Sister Was There -

My sister was at the Holocaust Musuem today in DC, and she witnessed this whole Holocaust Museum shooting, saw the man (James W. von Brunn) walk in with the gun, the guard engage and get shot, etc. Thank god there are people looking over her, and that she is alright, albeit a bit shaken up, due to the actions of the guards at the musuem.

The reason I am posting this is because the guard, who was killed when he engaged the shooter, is a hero. The shooter, who is 88 and a well-known white supremacist full of hate, and has a long history of spreading his hatred, was stopped because of this guards heroic actions. Unfortunetly, the shooter is still alive in critical condition and is at George Washington University Medical Center.

The shooter is an American terrorist, in my opinion. It's scary that we have people like him in this country still. Hits home now.

To Guard Stephen T. Johns, thank you and may you rest in peace.