Monday, February 09, 2009

My New Mountain Bike

I have loved to bike in urban areas since I was a teenager. Biking is one of the few forms of excercise that I actually enjoy doing, especially since I love to explore which drives me to pedal farther and farther.
Since my injury, and because of it, I've gained over 40 pounds. Those who knew me knew how skinny I was, and now not so much. On the move down here, the movers couldn't fit my beloved bike, so I haven't taken advantage of the Austin area's numerous cycling oppurtunities.
Since I'm unemployed right now, my mother was kind enough to purchase this mountain bike for me. We have this AWESOME sporting goods chain down here called Academy, and I got it for only $159. It's dual suspension as you can see, and I can't wait to hit the streets and try it out. The brand is Mongoose, and the model is the 26" "Domain". One day, I hope to figure out how to get my beloved Specialized Hard Rock Comp down from NY here to Austin though.
I hope to take my first ride tommorow, and I will keep you all advised. I'm also hoping that I shed some pounds, I really miss being "Sticks".