Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't miss Disturbed on FX tomorrow night!

For anyone who's a huge fan of the band Disturbed, such as myself:
(From the Disturbed email list)
Don't miss Disturbed on FX tomorrow night!
Tune in to FX on your cable
system this Saturday night the 12th at 11pm (all time zones) to see an edited
version of Operation Myspace - the show Disturbed recently played in Kuwait and
broadcast live on Myspace. The show will feature Disturbed's performance of
"Down With The Sickness."
Don't miss it!
Get the new album cover for
The cover was released this morning to people on the mobile
list first, but now we're sending to everyone. The cover for Disturbed's new
album was created by famed comic illustrator David Finch, and is available as a
high-res image by clicking here. Check it out!
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Disturbed's highly anticipated new album 'Indestructible.'
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