Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Edgemont may exit Greenburgh

.For those that aren't aware, there is something to watch in Greenburgh.
Edgemont, the unincorporated section of town that Edgemont School District and Greenville Fire District covers, is trying to incorporate as Greenburgh's 7th village. There's actually a strong chance it may happen. A large part of the residential taxpayer base is wealthy, and are not so much worried about the taxes as they are with the control over what goes on in their section of the town, such as developments.
Edgemont makes up 25% or more of the Greenburgh tax base, and is definitely the wealthiest section of town, with numerous million dollar homes. The population is roughly 8,000 in a dense 2.5 square mile district with a large commercial district (the ."Scarsdale" portion of Central Ave), along with large single family residential dwellings, apartment buildings, schools, and the Sprain Brook Parkway.
From the public safety viewpoint.....If Edgemont becomes a village, they need to create a police department or contract with one.  What could this mean for Greenburgh PD and their funding? As Greenburgh PD also provides EMS, Edgemont would also have to find an EMS provider.
From the firematic end, that portion of town is covered entirely by Greenville Fire District.  If Edgemont becomes a village, fire protection falls under the Village Manager, so it would become a fire department under the village. What could happen to Greenville Fire District?
They may be able to contract with Greenburgh and Greenville, but those who are leading this movement are so bitter about the Town that contracting with Greenburgh based services may not be an option.